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Stella SheBeasts are cheeky rockstar & intelligent women making radical change through creation, sparking positivity & disrupting the norm.

Customer Testimonials

Art Advocacy & Transformation

"I was just this morning thinking about Jeanette and how generously and responsibly she has given to the Santa Cruz art community." - Marian Slattery, performer's grandmother

Tailored Needs

"Jeanette is a dynamic teacher and coach with a wide range of skills that she tailors to meet each individual. Jeanette is a gem: Talented, wise, strong, fun, and caring. We are thrilled to be in her circle of creative empowerment." - Prajna Ginty, student's mom

Nurturing Creativity

"I met Jeanette at the beginning of my aerial journey. While she challenged me, she also nurtured my creativity. She encouraged me to try different apparatus to strengthen my understanding of a move or the transitions to get in and out of it." - Ruby Straehley, performer and student

Features List

Join the Stellaria Rebels Society app to connect with people on the same journey as you: Ask questions, share your progress and unique voice in GuerrillaZine, help others out and receive updated content.

Create your goal and track your progress: Check in to the app daily, weekly or monthly and update your progress towards your goals and reference complimentary Stellaria publications for inspiration and examples.

Schedule and connect directly with Jeanette, set up private coaching calls and receive feedback, motivation and inspiration on your creation journey.

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Instantly connect with like-minded people

Progress Tracking

Set your goals and track your progress with 1 tap

Watch On Any Device

Use your phone, tablet, laptop or TV at no extra cost


Join fun challenges and accomplish skills

Unlock New Content

Discover new content when the timer hits zero

Individual Feedback

Submit your progress and get feedback from Jeanette

Choose Your Plan


What if I don't have a lot of time?

That's the best part, here. You don't need a lot of time. Just show up daily and create or learn something. It doesn't have to be a pole or aerial piece even. Just show up, do the prompt or lesson, and you're done! Spend as long or as little time with your creation. Start something new or continue plugging away at a project. Your choice!


What if I'm not creative or have nothing to create?

First of all, dispel the "not creative" part. We all have a story to share, hobbies and interests. Tapping into this as a means of expressing yourself will inevitably unlock your voice and your powers. Next, here's a mini-challenge for you: write down three things you want to invent or perform within the next two years (bonus points if you find something that will push you slightly out of your comfort zone). Bingo! You have something to work on.


What if I don't have aerial or pole equipment?

The weirder the better! If you don't own a pole or piece of aerial equipment, or have access to a studio training facility, there are other ways to perform (not in front of an audience, for yourself). Stop signs, park play equipment, and weight load-tested structures work great. Heck! Jeanette's even done training off the Santa Cruz Warf before as a mermaid! Get creative.

What You’re Going To Get...

Private coaching calls with specifics for your individualized plan

Aerial & Pole Survival Guide, and Writing Technique Across Platforms PDFs

GuerrillaZine and access to the Stellaria Rebels Society community